Digital Media Pioneers who Live and Work in the Fillmore

Gary Bolles - Founding Editor-in-Chief, Inter@ctive Week

One of the key industry publications providing news and perspective on the development of networked interactive media.

Mark Graham - President, Whole Earth Networks*

Internet commercialization pioneer. Mark's provided the technical reality to many of the medium's most important groundbreaking projects (PeaceNet, SovAm Teleport, Woman's Wire, Internet access to millions through AOL).

Richard Haukom - President, Haukom Associates*

One of the world's first interactive content producers long before "multimedia" was a buzzword. Established 1980.

Hal Josephson - President, MediaSense*

Important early promoter of multimedia and digital interactive media.

Alex and Harold Mann, Mann Consulting

Where Hollywood goes when they want authentic computer screen special effects. And they do much, much more.

Ken McCarthy - President, amacord

One of the earliest proponents of the Internet as a marketing medium. Sponsor of the first conference ever held on the subject of commercial publishing opportunities on the World Wide Web.

Lee Namba - President, Gravity

Industry-leading virtual reality entertainment company.

Ed Niehaus - President, Niehaus Ryan Group

Where the world's top Internet firms go for PR and strategic marketing advice.

*Resident emeritus

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