The Fillmore boomed during the World War II and after as an African-American neighborhood.Then in the mid-1960's the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency tore the neighborhood down to "improve" it. Here's some of what they destroyed:

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The Clubs

Jack's of Sutter Street
Elsie's Breakfast Club
Jackson's Nook
The Plantation Club
Club Alabam
The New Orleans Swing House
The Booker T. Washington Hotel Lounge
Shelton's Blue Mirror
Wally's Soulville
and, last but not least, Jimbo's Bop City - 1690 Post Street

A short list of who performed at Jimbo's after hours (2:00 to 6:00 AM)

Duke Ellington
Ben Webster
Bil Eckstine
Miles Davis
Dizzie Gilespie
Charlie Parker
Billie Holiday
Count Basie
Dinah Washington
John Coltrane
Lenny Bruce

Some of the people who hung out at Jimbo's:

Joe Louis
Marlyn Monroe
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Kim Novak
Clint Eastwood (He used to try to sneak in as a 16 year old)
Mayor Willie Brown

Jimbo's is where Louis Armstrong went to check out Charlie Parker. This was the only known time these two musicians were under the same roof at the same time.

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